Yes in two weeks time I shall be jetting off to Cyprus with my lovely wife and a couple of friends for a 10 day break. We would have stayed longer but when you are self employed you just dare not take too much time off, we actually have less holidays now being self employed than we did when we used to work for a company. We must not complain though, just look at the extended weather forecast for the island.

Nicosia Weather Forecast

I have managed to get a guy booked in who is willing to come out and repair my jukebox, in the meantime I have been looking at storage cases to put my newly purchased 45’s in. I don’t want anything fancy, I did think to myself that one of those old cheap cases will do like the one pictured here, I used to have a couple when I was a kid and I have probably thrown some away in the last 10 years so I used my old friend eBay.


I was astonished when I found the price being asked for them, between £15.00 and £50.00 depending on condition as they are now classed as vintage. I don’t know if I am just getting older quicker than I realised or if this is just a fad, vintage, really? Needless to say I am not going to be buying one for that sort of money but if you are reading this and you are at a car boot sale in the near future keep your eyes peeled.

Well mixed emotions after a long trip to Hull to have a look at the Jukebox. There were several road accidents along the way making it a 4 hour journey. The Jukebox looked great, it seemed to be working and the sound was decent. After a few questions I decided that it probably just needed a new stylus so the cash was handed over and the long journey back to Northampton commenced.

I couldn’t wait to get it set up in my home and put a record of my own into it. I popped in a couple of my own records and selected the number followed by shock and horror, the selector failed to pick the record up correctly and the needle was skidding back and forth across the vinyl.

After several attempts and minor experimentations it is obvious that the selector only picks up the record correctly from certain locations. Let this be a lesson learned for anyone considering a purchase of a juke box. I have sourced a chap who repairs them but he is on holiday until next Monday I am hopeful that he will be able to fix it.

In the meantime I have managed to give it a good clean, I have replaced the old jukebox titles with new ones and I have been busy buying 45’s off eBay and local shops. What amazes me is the price of a second hand 45, anything from £2.00 up to £20 depending on the title, I swear I was paying around 50p for them brand new when I was a kid.

Jukebox Satellite 200

It looks like I might have found myself a Jukebox, a rather promising NSM Satellite 200. I am going to look at it and hopefully pay and collect it from Hull on Friday, now the fun begins looking at 45’s for sale in the classifieds and trying to agree with the wife what music goes in and what stays out. Pictures to follow if I do actually end up owning this beast.

Well that was a miserable result last night, as a supporter of both Leeds United and England I hear that Leeds have appointed a new coach that nobody has heard of and of course England got beat by Uruguay. I noticed a quote on Facebook that made me smile, there was a lengthy debate of why England lost and who should have been selected and what tactics we should have employed, then came a reply:

No wonder England have lost two out of two they left everyone who clearly knows everything about football at home all they needed to do was log into Facebook and read all the statuses and we would win the World Cup


Investing and saving, wouldn’t we all like to do a little more of that. Last year I started my first ever ISA I hadn’t bothered previously as the interest rates were always abysmal then it dawned on my why not open a stocks and shares ISA. Last year I saved a little each month into a fund called the HSBC FTSE All Share Index. It is an investment fund that tracks the performance of the FTSE with a very low management fee. In the 12 months that I have now owned it I have gained 4.8% interest, that is an average figure as I drip fed into it. If I had managed to put a lump sum in at the very start then I would have managed nearly 10% interest.


I was tempted to try and explain in depth why I chose this particular fund and also explain how it works but I would either be repeating the research that I found easy to find or giving out wrong information and as prices can go down as well as up I do not wish to mislead anyone. If you are interested in investing in stocks and shares or investment funds you could do worse than start off reading the articles over at

Well I have been writing this blog for quite a while now, I decided to install a stat counter to see how many people actually discover my ramblings. I was slightly disappointed to discover that on average 3 people a day stop by to take a read. On a positive I guess that is over a thousand people in a year.

It is fair to say I am not making as much money on the Internet with my web sites as I used to. I have been slowly cutting back with the amount of domain names that I own and I have been combining several of my hosting accounts as I downsize. This personal blog is one of the sites I have moved, I have been itching to import my old posts but for some reason it took an extra 24 hours to propagate. I did all the usual things, emptied my browser history and from the cmd prompt I flushed my ipconfig with the ipconfig /flushdns command yet still I could not see my new version.

I have a very strong feeling it is down to a delay with my host Virgin Media. Today I am back up and running, my images were missing from several old posts but I managed to sort that problem out, apart from that all is good. My old host was Hostgator cheap and cheerful and I never had too many problem, my new host comes highly recommended Vidahost, we shall see.

Sport wise, for my home town of Northampton it was both a thrilling and jubilant day for the county after the rugby team managed to pull off a victory against the Saracens in the final seconds of extra time. Twitter went mad shortly afterwards with both congratulations for the winners Northampton Saints and the losers Saracens.


The match did have its fair share of controversy and as a Saints supporter I am going to obviously call it that all decisions were fair. The main two talking points being a try for the Saracens being ruled out for a  forward pass and a was it wasn’t it a try for the Saints right at the death.

The video ref is there to ensure justice is done, the Saracens pass wasn’t just a little forward, it was a mile forward and it would have been a disgrace had the video ref not made the call to JP Doyle telling him we need to review this. Secondly the Saints try at the end was given after several angles were looked at with one deciding angle showing the ball was on the line.


Yes it is heart ache for the Saracens being in two finals and losing them both but the same thing happened to the Saints a couple of years back so we know how you feel Saracen fans. A day of celebrating and thanking the team for bringing some major silverware to the town.


There are a few possible dream jobs I could think of, this being one of them, looking after an orphaned baby dolphin. Try looking at these two pictures without going Awww. How anyone could harm these beautiful creatures is beyond me. I do not know why or how this little one became orphaned and I don’t think I want to find out either.